When we hear the word ”systems” we tend to think that it is something very complicated! It does not have to be. This will help you have your business more organized with a workflow that will keep things running a lot smoother, this is why you need to have systems in place for your business! = more organization + save time.

Having systems in your business will be very helpful when you are ready to bring someone new to your team to help you out with tasks that you can delegate to someone else.

The first thing you need to do is define the steps that you need to take to do a task. I know this may seem a bit overwhelming to figure out for all the tasks you do in your business, but believe me, this will help your business be more efficient and run smoother.

Like I was saying, business systems and processes do not need to be complicated. Here is a quick example of a system on how to create content online:

  1. Define your content pillars.
  2. Create an Asana project to put all your content ideas.
  3. Create another Asana board project to define which dates you will be posting each idea.
  4. Start writting on a Google document all your content.
  5. Review your content.
  6. Publish!

If you are in a point where you know you need support in your business, first, you need to define what tasks you can delegate, and then set simple systems so the new team member can start supporting you with those tasks. This will help you to finally start focusing on the important things that require YOU to do them.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with processes and systems? Head over here to find out how I help my clients with their business.