VIP Weeks for online business owners & creatives.

Let’s achieve one of your big goals in your business in just 1 week!

That’s right! In one week we can achieve one of your big goals that has been on your back burner for a long time because life and business has been just too busy, and yet you know that it is so important. 

This is a custom service and you can decide what area in your business you’d like to focus on:  

✅ I can help you create and automate your onboarding process in Dubsado to stop doing things manually. 
✅ We can focus on optimizing and updating your current onboarding process. 
✅ Organize your business by setting up and optimizing a project management tool. You’ll have all your big goals, business tasks and client work in one place, completely organized! 
✅ Want to promote your amazing content on other marketing platforms? I can help you repurpose some of your podcast episodes or YouTube videos into social media captions, email & blog posts.
✅ You have a long to-do list that you just need to get done? I’ve got you. We can work on several miscellaneous tasks related to Admin, organization + Social media support. 

This is a customized VIP week that will be designed according to what you need in your business. 

It’s going to be a game changer for you + you’ll save a ton of time that you can use to focus on what you love doing the most: serving your clients and making a difference in their lives. 

Want to chat and see if this is a good fit for you?