As your business grows your to do list is probably getting longer and longer. That’s good for your business, after all, it was the main goal, right? To make your business grow!.

But once you start seeing this growth, you begin to realize that you do not necessarily need to be spending your time on things like scheduling content, doing Instagram engagement sessions, sending email follow ups to leads or clients, etc. And when that time comes, it will be necessary to add support to your business ( a Virtual Assistant support ), that way YOU can focus on keeping that growth steady and serving your clients.

It is important to identify this moment before you start going into burnt out mode, that’s not good for the business.

If you have no idea how to figure out what tasks to delegate to a Virtual Assistant, try answering these questions to get some clarity to know when to hire a Virtual Assistant:

  1. What tasks are taking too much time away from you?
  2. Can those tasks be done by someone else that is qualified? (This is what can be delegated).
  3. What tasks do you need to do to keep your business growing? (This is where your focus should be).

You need to focus on those tasks that really require your zone of genius and that can only be done by you. For example, serving your Coaching clients, creating new products for your online store, creating new courses or e-books. The rest of the things can be delegated to someone that is qualified and that can really support you.

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